Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March, the day-to-day activities of many people have been disrupted. This includes how much people now exercise, as the gyms have been closed all over the world and most people can barely go out to take a run or stretch their muscles. Working out at home is a challenge itself and consistency is tough, especially considering how the pandemic has affected the psychological state of most people as unpleasant news travel around the globe. 

It doesn’t get any easier as spas are also closed and most people can’t go for their regular massage therapy to relax their muscles and reduce stress. This begs the question: How do we stay fit and relax our muscles amidst all these?



Reasons Why You Need a Massage Gun

1. It Enhances Workout Performance

Working out is essential for everyone, especially at this time when people are beginning to embrace the sedentary lifestyle, whether or not they want to. If anything, you would want the maximal benefits you can get to make up for the few to no workout days. Massage guns are designed to help improve workout performance, which is why they are primarily marketed towards fitness enthusiasts. They work effectively for the pre-workout phase to warm up the muscles and the post-workout stages to aid recovery and reduce spasms. This ensures you get the most benefits from your workout.

You may be working out at home with or without equipment but the massage gun would always come in handy. Anyone can use it to enhance their workout performance, regardless of their fitness level.



2. It is Beyond Workout Recovery; it Relieves Pain

Although the massage gun helps with workout recovery, there is more to it, as it also works effectively as a pain reliever tool. It is a holistic alternative to surgery or pain medicine and also an integral part of pain management in the world today. Massage is an old practice and the presence of a massage gun other than the human hands does not change the fact that it helps relieve pain. If you suffer from any form of injury or chronic pain or if your muscles have been stressed, a massage gun can help alleviate the pain and make you feel at ease.

You also don’t have to worry about not being able to visit your massage therapist when a massage gun would deliver the same benefits and more.

3. It is More Intense than Foam Rolling or Massage Therapy

You might have gotten used to foam rolling or massage therapy, which are the most popular choices for muscle recovery. But do you know what’s better? A massage gun. Massage guns have a lot of versatile functions; beyond muscle recovery, they could help release everyday stress and tension. A lot of people would need that today, as we tend to spend more time on our smartphones and laptops, which causes tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. 


While foam rollers massage larger areas of the body, massage guns reach for deeper and intense massage, as they target small, hard to reach areas. On the other hand, while massage therapy is effective to an extent, it also has its limits and might not be able to massage your body to the tiny detail as massage guns would. In addition, not everyone would have access to private massage therapy sessions during this pandemic.

4. It Helps You Relax After a Long Day

As much as activities have been reduced in the last couple of months around the globe, it is still possible to have a long tiring day. Apart from that, the recurring unpleasant news traveling across the world could make you stressed both physically and psychologically. How do you relax when this happens? 

With a massage gun, you can relax and unwind while you shut your mind from everything happening. A study from the American Spa shows that large amounts of endorphins are released into the bloodstream during a massage. This helps the body relax and keeps the mind calm, quiet, and peaceful, making it easier to fall asleep.



5. It Improves Your Sleep Quality

If you have had trouble sleeping, especially with the recent events happening, a massage gun might just be a solution. Massage has been shown, via several studies, to help improve the quality of sleep, especially on people with certain illnesses who struggle with the lack of sleep. A study from PubMed Central shows how learning and applying massage techniques can lead to health promotion and improve the quality of sleep in cancer patients. Another PubMed study also shows the beneficial effects of massage for insomnia in postmenopausal women.

As the massage gun helps you relax and reduce stress, your body would feel at ease and you would have an improved sleeping experience. This will further help improve the quality of your overall health


6. It is Cheaper and More Convenient

Regular professional massages might have been around for decades but if you count the cost, you are definitely spending more on them than you would if you had a massage gun. You can get a massage gun for less than $300, which would last you for a long time. In addition, you can use the massage gun in the comfort of your home and at your convenient time. You do not have to worry about booking appointments or stress over the fact that your favorite massage therapists can’t attend to you due to lockdown rules in place. 



Bottom Line

Anyone should be able to work out and relax their muscles regardless of what might be going on right now. With a massage gun, you will have lesser worries, as you kick aside the worry of working out, muscle recovery and relaxation, and more. You will also get to enjoy the many other benefits of using a massage gun.

If you are looking to get an effective massage gun that would provide you maximum benefits, you can buy our percussion and vibration massager at Achedaway with long battery life and 2-years warranty, among other perks. 

You can make the decision today to change your muscle recovery story by getting a massage gun to improve your physical and mental health

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